As a mixed martial arts fighter Angelo Henry amassed a large following in the Monterey Peninsula area. Since his performance among otherCalifornia fighters has preceded him, he was able to gather other local fighters for a common cause. War by the Shore isn’t merely an event dedicated to violence but rather to rally a community around well trained and disciplined fighters who put their full heart, mind, and soul into their passion and craft. The concept of a full-fledged energy shift towards a purpose can create change in anyone’s life, work, and community. When the discipline these fighters show is paired with the commitment of a positive energy shift by a community, the masses can all fight together. This fight is War by the Shore’s purpose. Its purpose is to provide an avenue that demonstrates to people that we can unite and appreciate life together, but we can also unite and fight together against the injustices and struggles that come from the ever changing society we live in today. There is a constant war outside for someone each day and War by the Shore aims to bring an energy into one location that lets people know it’s okay to fight for diversity while fighting against negative qualities of a community like prejudice, wrongful violence, bullying, insecurity and inequality. A fighter’s arena is their sanctuary, it is where their limits are pushed to the edge, begging their hearts, minds and spirits to expand. Now, through this event, every walk of life has an opportunity to come together through respect and honor to do the same while witnessing epic levels of talent and determination. Observing incredible precision, skill, and decision making through pain is the visual representation of our spirits climbing to the next level of our lives and elevating into the best versions of ourselves…This is the War by the Shore.